Caution in the use of oxygen cylinde

Caution in the use of oxygen cylinde

Caution in the use of oxygen solids

If the amount of oxygen in the blood is less than a normal thorough examination, then it is necessary to use the same oxygen as the medicine at the doctor’s suggestion. The oxygen usually gives the through the tube in the nose. Many people also use oxygen barrels at home. Oxygen Cylinder Home Service we are providing Linde Medical Oxygen bd at your home in 24 hours.our service in Dhaka Bangladesh BD.

Oxygen Cylinder is a special iron vessel for keeping oxygen inside, where oxygen is high pressure. The cylinder holds more oxygen due to high pressure. By giving one liter of oxygen a minute, the patient gets approximately 22 hours of oxygen in a medium-sized cylinder.

Oxygen Concentrator

It is a machine that can be through electricity or batteries. This machine takes oxygen from the air and increases the amount of oxygen it provides to the patient. The machine usually gives the patient five liters of oxygen per minute.

Liquid oxygen

By lowering the temperature, the gaseous oxygen saved into liquid oxygen. This oxygen is chang to gas again when given to the patient. Oxygen Cylinder Home Service we are providing Linde Medical Oxygen at your home in 24 hours.our service in Dhaka Bangladesh BD

Oxygen is a drug

Remember, the kind of oxygen that the patient is given is a kind of medicine. Therefore, it should be used according to the doctor’s advice. Without it, the amount and time limit cannot be changed.

Be careful not to ignite the fire when using oxygen. There are some rules and precautions for using oxygen, which are:

  1. Fire-resistant combustible materials such as matches, candles, cigarettes, gas burners, fireplaces or any other combustible material, such as space heaters, steam pipes, ovens, and oxygen at least five feet away from any other heating system. Place the cylinder.
  2. Keep the 12 cylinders away from direct sunlight.
  3. Do not use any kind of aerosols such as air fresheners or hair spray near the oxygen unit. Aerosols are a special type of combustible material.
  4. Do not use oxygen near the oven when cooking in a gas stove.
  5. Do not smoke in a room with oxygen and ask others not to smoke.
  6. Never oil in oxygen unit, do not hold with oily or fat hands.
  7. When not using oxygen, turn it off completely.

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