Oxygen Concentrator Price in BD 2024

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Best Oxygen Concentrator BD

Oxygen Concentrator BD

Top 5 Oxygen Concentrator & portable oxygen concentrator Brands In BD

  • Owgels
  • Philips
  • Easy Care
  • Folee
  • Elite

Who benefits from using an oxygen concentrator BD?

Access to clean air is essential for a healthy life. Individuals with lung diseases or other respiratory issues often require oxygen therapy. In such cases, an oxygen machine plays a crucial role.

Uninterrupted oxygen supply

Unlike canned oxygen, which has a limited supply, an oxygen concentrator works continuously. It filters out carbon dioxide and nitrogen, delivering a constant stream of pure, oxygenated air. Powered by electricity, this device ensures a reliable supply of oxygen.

Importance of a doctor’s prescription

To use an oxygen concentrator effectively and safely, a doctor’s prescription is necessary. Following medical advice is crucial as the device can be adjusted to provide oxygen at different levels based on the patient’s needs.

Power backup: A critical feature

Portable oxygen tank are designed with reliability in mind and come with power backup capabilities. This feature is especially important for individuals who cannot be without a continuous supply of oxygen. The seamless operation during power outages provides peace of mind for patients and caregivers.

Pricing considerations in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the cost of oxygen concentrator BD varies from Tk 35,000 to Tk 100,000. Oxygen Concentrator Price in Bangladesh, These devices offer a purity level of approximately 93%, which is suitable for prolonged oxygen therapy. Factors that influence the price include flow rate, compressor quality, and purity levels.

Key considerations when selecting an oxygen concentrator:

Oxygen concentration: The primary function of an oxygen concentrator is to provide concentrated oxygen. A minimum concentration rate of 87% is necessary, but some advanced models can achieve concentrations as high as 99%.

Flow rate: Tailoring the flow rate according to the doctor’s advice is crucial. Choosing a concentrator with a higher flow rate is advisable as it offers flexibility and may eliminate the need for a machine replacement in the future.

Machine size: Oxygen concentrators are available in various sizes, from portable mini devices to larger units. Selecting a size that aligns with individual needs ensures convenience. Portable mini concentrators, for example, are versatile and can be shared among multiple users if needed.

Power supply and consumption: All oxygen concentrators in Bangladesh require a power source

Top Oxygen Concentrator Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for April, 2024

Oxygen Concentrator Model Price in BD
Portable Minute Oxygen Concentrator 5L In BD ৳ 35,000
Konsung  Portable Oxygen Concentrator 5L In Dhaka ৳ 45,000
Philips Everflo Air Inlet Filter Price BD ৳ 2,800
Owgels OZ-10-02 Two Oxygen Concentrator Price Dhaka ৳ 68,000
Portable JAY-10 Medical Oxygen Concentrator ৳ 80,000
Longfian JAY-1000P Pulse Oxygen Concentrator ৳ 120,000

Owgels OZ-5-01TW0 5L/min 24 Hours Oxygen Concentrator

৳ 35,000
Elite 7F-5BW Oxygen Concentrator price BD ৳ 38,000
Folee Oxygen Concentrator price ৳ 55,000
Oxygen Concentrator Bubbler Bottle for Oxygen Humidifier ৳ 2,800

The choice depends on your oxygen needs. If you require higher flow rates or have severe respiratory issues, a 10 Litre concentrator is more suitable.

Yes, 5 Litre concentrators are generally more portable and suitable for travel, offering a balance between size and oxygen production.

No, oxygen concentrators typically deliver oxygen at concentrations between 87% to 96%, as they extract oxygen from the air and remove other gases.

Oxygen concentrators are available in Bangladesh from a minimum of 25 thousand taka to a maximum of 180,000 taka.

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