Oxygen concentrator price in Bangladesh

Oxygen concentrator price in Bangladesh 2024

Oxygen Concentrator Price In Bangladesh: Owgles 5-L vs. Owgles 10-L

“Looking for portable oxygen concentrator price in Bangladesh? This guide compares Owgles 5-L and Owgles 10-L concentrators, offering insights into their features, prices, and more. Make an informed choice for your oxygen therapy needs.”

In recent times, the importance of oxygen concentrators has surged dramatically. With the ongoing global health crisis, ensuring access to a reliable source of oxygen is crucial. This article will delve into the details of Owgles 5-L and Owgles 10-L oxygen concentrators, focusing on their prices, features, and benefits for those seeking this vital medical equipment in Bangladesh.

Owgles 5-L Oxygen Concentrator

Affordable Solution for Oxygen Therapy

The Owgles 5-L Oxygen Concentrator is a cost-effective solution for individuals in need of continuous oxygen therapy. One of its standout features is affordability. In Bangladesh, where access to healthcare equipment is of paramount importance, Owgles 5-L has become a popular choice.

Key Features
  1. Flow Rate: Owgles 5-L offers a continuous flow rate of 5 liters per minute, making it suitable for many patients with varying oxygen needs.

  2. Portability: This concentrator is relatively lightweight and comes with wheels for easy movement within your home.

  3. Low Noise Operation: Owgles 5-L operates quietly, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life.

Oxygen Concentrator Price in Bangladesh

The price of Owgles 5-L Oxygen Concentrator in Bangladesh typically ranges from BDT 25,000 to BDT 30,000, depending on the supplier and any additional accessories included in the package.

Owgles 10-L Oxygen Concentrator
High-Flow Oxygen Therapy

For patients requiring a higher flow of oxygen, the Owgles 10-L Oxygen Concentrator is an excellent choice. It offers a generous 10 liters per minute flow rate, making it suitable for those with more demanding oxygen therapy needs.

Key Features
  1. High Flow Rate: Owgles 10-L provides a robust flow rate of 10 liters per minute, ensuring an ample supply of oxygen for patients with severe respiratory conditions.

  2. Advanced Filters: The concentrator is equipped with advanced filters to deliver clean and purified oxygen.

  3. LCD Display: Owgles 10-L features an LCD screen that displays real-time data, allowing you to monitor oxygen levels easily.

Oxygen Concentrator Price in Bangladesh

The Owgles 10-L and 5-L Oxygen Concentrator is a premium choice and is priced accordingly. In Bangladesh, you can expect to pay between BDT 45,000 to BDT 68,000 for this high-flow concentrator.

Which One Is Right for You?

When choosing between Owgles 5-L and Owgles 10-L Oxygen Concentrators, several factors come into play:

  1. Oxygen Needs: Consider your prescribed oxygen flow rate. If you require a higher flow, Owgles 10-L is the better choice.

  2. Budget: Owgles 5-L is a budget-friendly option, while Owgles 10-L is more expensive. Choose one that aligns with your financial capabilities.

  3. Portability: If you need to move the concentrator frequently, Owgles 5-L’s portability may be a deciding factor.

  4. Noise Sensitivity: If you are sensitive to noise, both concentrators are relatively quiet, but Owgles 5-L operates at a lower decibel level.


In conclusion, both Owgles 5-L and Owgles 10-L Oxygen Concentrators have their unique advantages. The right choice depends on your specific oxygen therapy needs and budget. Be sure to consult with a healthcare professional or supplier in Bangladesh to make an informed decision.

Investing in an oxygen concentrator is a crucial decision for anyone with respiratory issues, and Owgles provides reliable options that cater to different requirements. Ensuring a steady supply of oxygen can significantly improve the quality of life for individuals in need.

By understanding the features, prices, and your own needs, you can make a confident choice in selecting the ideal oxygen concentrator for your health and well-being.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to reputable suppliers in Bangladesh for further guidance on Owgles oxygen concentrators and to ensure you receive the best support for your oxygen therapy journey.

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