Linde Medical Oxygen Cylinder Service in Dhaka

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Linde Medical Oxygen Cylinder Service in Dhaka:

Breathe easy with Linde Medical Oxygen Cylinder  Service in Dhaka – Affordable, reliable, and delivered to your doorstep in Dhaka. Call now! In the heart of Bangladesh, our oxygen cylinder services bring you Linde medical oxygen cylinders for sale, rent, and refill right at your doorstep. With 24/7 home delivery services, we ensure you receive the care you need anytime, anywhere. Simply call us, confirm, and within 1 hour, we’ll deliver to your doorstep. At affordable prices, we offer a range of medical products. Call us for all your medical needs.

Product Details:

  • Company: Linde, BOC
  • Size: Medium/Standard
  • Height: 3ft
  • Weight: 16 kg
  • Pressure: 1900/2000 pressure liters
  • Cylinder Capacity: 1.4 Cubic Meter

Full Package Includes:

  • Oxygen Cylinder: 1 pcs
  • Trolley: 0 pcs
  • Flow Meter: 1 pcs
  • Medical Oxygen Mask: 1 pcs
  • Nasal Cannula: 1 pcs

Usage Details:

  • One cylinder provides 10-11 hours of continuous use at 2 liters/minute.

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Linde Medical Oxygen Cylinder Service:

In the realm of healthcare, access to reliable medical oxygen is paramount. Linde Medical Oxygen Cylinder Rent Service in Dhaka stands as your dedicated partner, ensuring prompt and efficient delivery of Linde medical oxygen cylinders right to your doorstep in Bangladesh. Our commitment extends beyond just selling or renting; we offer a comprehensive service, including refills, making sure you have uninterrupted access to life-saving oxygen whenever and wherever you need it.

Linde Oxygen Cylinder Price in Dhaka:

Explore competitive prices for Linde oxygen cylinders in Dhaka. Contact us for BOC Oxygen Cylinder prices and a variety of medical oxygen cylinders and products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: How long can one cylinder be used continuously? A: One cylinder lasts 10-11 hours at 2 liters/minute.

Q: What is included in the full package? A: The package includes an oxygen cylinder, trolley, flow meter, medical oxygen mask, and nasal cannula.

Q: Can I rent Linde oxygen cylinders? A: Yes, we offer Linde oxygen cylinder rental services.


Enhance your healthcare experience with our Linde Medical Oxygen Cylinder services. Trust in our quality products, timely delivery, and affordable prices. Breathe easy with us by your side.

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