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Linde Oxygen Cylinder Refill Price In Dhaka BD:

Looking for a reliable oxygen cylinder provider in BD? Look no further than Oxygen Cylinder Services, offering top-quality Linde oxygen cylinders at competitive prices. Our package includes everything you need for your home oxygen needs. Order now and get peace of mind with our lifetime warranty.

Brand: Linde
Orijen: Philippines
Height:  3 Fit (36 Inch).
Weight: 16 kg.
Type Cylinder: 02 ‘B’.
Water Capicity: 10 L.
Color: Black and White.
Size: Medium and standard.
Presser: 2000+ liter.
Up to: 15-liter min.
Piorty: 99.5%
Cylinder Capacity: 1.4 Cubic Meters.
Warranty: Lifetime
Backup time: per minute of 2-liter use, you will get 10 – 11 hours.


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Linde Oxygen Cylinder price BD – linde bangladesh. Cylinder Refill Price in Dhaka for Only 800 Taka!

Revitalize your life with the Linde Oxygen Cylinder Refill Price, your ticket to a breath of fresh air. Priced at an unbeatable 800 Taka, this refill not only replenishes your oxygen levels but unlocks a world of vitality and well-being.

Introducing the Linde BOC Medical Oxygen Home Services – your lifeline to quality and reliable medical oxygen. In these uncertain times, ensure your loved ones breathe easy with our hassle-free oxygen solutions.

Why Choose Linde Oxygen Cylinder Refill?

Experience the Linde advantage with our high-quality medical oxygen, conveniently packaged in user-friendly cylinders. We prioritize your peace of mind by offering a complete Linde Oxygen Cylinder Set at an unbeatable Linde Oxygen Cylinder Refill of 800 Taka, for a limited time only.

Benefits You Can’t Ignore:

  1. Fast Delivery: Receive your complete oxygen setup within 50 minutes with our free home delivery service in Dhaka city.
  2. Top-notch Quality: Rest easy knowing your oxygen supply is sourced from Linde/BOC, a trusted brand with origins in the Philippines.
  3. Extended Usage: Our cylinders boast a capacity of 1.4 cubic meters, providing a continuous flow for 10-11 hours at 2 liters/minute, ensuring uninterrupted support when you need it most.
  4. Safety First: With a cylinder pressure of 2000 Psi and a regulator pressure of 50 Psi, our system maintains the highest safety standards.
  5. Comprehensive Set: Your purchase includes not only the Linde Medical Oxygen Cylinder but also a cylinder moving trolley, oxygen regulator with flowmeter & humidifier bottle, medical oxygen mask, and an oxygen nasal cannula. We’ve got everything you need in one package.

Act now and secure your Linde Oxygen Cylinder Complete Set at the exclusive price of 18,000 Taka. Breathe easier, live healthier. Order today!

Linde Medical Oxygen Cylinder

Revolutionize your well-being with our Linde/BOC Medical Oxygen Cylinder Bundle, meticulously crafted to prioritize your health and peace of mind. Sourced from the pristine landscapes of the Philippines, this oxygen solution is more than just a cylinder—it’s your lifeline to vitality.

Unmatched Features, Unparalleled Benefits:

  • Pure Oxygen, Pure Comfort: With an exceptional 99.5% minimum oxygen purity, breathe in assurance and tranquility. Feel the immediate difference as your body absorbs this pure elixir, rejuvenating every cell.
  • Extended Serenity: Each 1.4 Cubic Meter cylinder ensures 10-11 hours of continuous usage at a therapeutic 2 liters per minute. Say goodbye to interruptions and hello to uninterrupted calm.
  • Portable Power: Standing at a convenient 3 feet (36 inches), this compact powerhouse is your portable sanctuary. Move effortlessly with the included Cylinder Moving Trolley, embracing freedom and independence.
  • Regulate Your Comfort: The 2000 Psi Oxygen Cylinder Pressure, paired with a precise Regulator Pressure of 50 Psi, guarantees a seamless flow tailored to your needs. It’s not just oxygen; it’s a personalized wellness experience.

What’s in Your Oxygen Oasis:

  • Oxygen Cylinder: Your dependable source of life-enriching oxygen.
  • Cylinder Moving Trolley: Effortlessly transport your sanctuary wherever you go.
  • Oxygen Regulator with Flowmeter & Humidifier Bottle: Precision meets comfort for a truly customized breathing experience.
  • Medical Oxygen Mask: Feel the gentle embrace of therapeutic oxygen with our medical-grade mask.
  • Oxygen Nasal Cannula: Unleash the benefits with a comfortable and efficient nasal cannula.

Join the Linde Wellness Revolution:

Invest in your health with the Linde Medical Oxygen Cylinder Bundle. As a testament to our commitment, hear the echoes of satisfied customers who’ve found solace in our oxygen oasis. Act now, and breathe in a future of well-being.

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 914.4 mm

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  1. Md. Rakib Islam

    You provide very good service of oxygen cylinders in Dhaka

    • OCS23

      Dear customer,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a review about our oxygen cylinder services in Dhaka. We take pride in being the top provider of emergency oxygen cylinders and we’re glad that our services have met your expectations.

      We understand that price is an important factor when choosing a service provider, which is why we strive to offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. We also offer refill and rental options for added convenience and flexibility.

      If you ever need our services again, please do not hesitate to reach out. We appreciate your patronage and look forward to helping more customers in need of medical oxygen cylinders.

      Take care,
      The Oxygen Cylinder Services Team

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