Best Oxygen Cylinder Flow Meter Price In BD 2024 – Oxygen Flow Meter and Regulator

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Medical Oxygen Flow Meter Price In BD

Best Oxygen Cylinder Flow Meter Price In BD 2024 Device used in hospitals for breathing oxygen. It has a range of oxygen flow from 1-10L/min, 1-15L/min, and a pressure-reducing range of 2.0-3.0Kg. The relief valve pressure range is 3.5 +0.5Kg. These meters are crucial to ensure precise oxygen supply during therapy. They are small and portable, making them suitable for home use.

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Oxygen Cylinder Flow Meter and Regulator – Best Price in Bangladesh | Oxygen Cylinder Services

Get the best deals on Oxygen Cylinder flow meter or regulator price in BD at Oxygen Cylinder Services. Our integrated foundry flowmeter is manufactured with CNC precision and comes with fitting adapters for different standards. Plus, our high-strength polycarbonate and sterilized humidifier body meets European standards for safety and durability.

Medical Oxygen Cylinder Flow Meter:

  • Features a chrome-plated brass body with all brass high-pressure chambers
  • 15 LPM Oxygen models include 115 LPM flooding
  • 8 LPM models have a maximum limit of 8 LPM
  • Equipped with an external relief valve to protect against over pressurization
  • Includes a 2″ diameter gauge
  • Features a sintered filter for increased safety and longevity
  • Utilizes a safe neoprene diaphragm
  • Indoor and outdoor polycarbonate tubes offer greater accuracy and durability.

JEVE YR-88 medical regulator flow meter is specifically designed for breathing oxygen in the hospital. It has an oxygen flow range of 1-10L/min and 1-15L/min, and a pressure-reducing range of 2.0-3.0Kg. Additionally, the relief valve pressure range is 3.5 +0.5Kg. These meters are vital to ensure that patients receive the correct supply of oxygen during oxygen therapy. The oxygen meter is small and portable, making it suitable for home use.

Oxygen Cylinder flow Meter Component Name:

1. Flow meter

2. Pressure gauge

3. Pressure Reducing

4. (DF-2 blind Nut) G 5/8 G 7/8 CGA540

5. Gas Filter Unit Inside

6. Pressure Reducing Plunger System

6.1 Spring

6.2 O Model Circle (6×1.9)

6.3 O Model Circle (22×2.4)

6.4 Gas Holes

7. Relief Value

8. Flow meter Buoy

9. Flow Switch Dump Iron

10. Dump Iron

11. O Model Circle (15×2.4)

12. Gas Pipe Dump Iron

13. O Model Circle(15×2.4)

14. O Model Circle (22×2.4)

15. Relief Value

16. Gasket

17. Oxygen Hole

18. A Bind Nut

19.0 Model Circle(60×3.5)

20. Moisture Bottle

21. Gas Pipe

22.-Water Line-

23. Filter

Medical Oxygen Cylinder flow Meter Instruction

Medical regulator is used for oxygen breathing in hospital.

1. Mainly component name (Please see overleaf)

2. Mainly function:

Oxygen flow range: 1-10L/Min 1-151/Min

Pressure reducing range: 2.0~3.0kg

Relief valve Pressure range: (3.5kg ± 0.5kg)

3. Appliance introduction:

Before using please fill pour clear water into moisture bottle about one third reaching water line site.

DF-2 blind nut straw into bolt head, make the pipe of flow meter square water line.

Pur off regulator(9), put on oxygen tube switch, so you will the data from needle position of pressure gauge(2) At last, straw flow on/off at anti- clockwise according to patients need, adjust switch.

If patient need oxygen for a long time, can nse nose pipe to help patient

absorb oxygen. Moisture bottle (20) circles at clockwise, adjust(17) oxygen hole to other site

4. Attention point

  • Before using the suction, you will check all parts bad or good and clean it by drying cloth.
  • Pressure gauge(2), regulator(3)no oil, otherwise explode.
  • Clearwater in moisture bottle keeps clean.
  • There is adjustable nut(6)in the front of plunder shall be straw at clockwise.
  • Relief value(7)(15) keeps out of danger.

Oxygen dosage is decided by doctor

After using suction, put off the oxygen tube switch, make rest oxygen out, pressure gage to zero site, last put off flow switch if using again, first put on the oxygen tube switch, avoid exploding.

The product must be examined periodical, at least once every 6 month.

5. If you don’t understand, please contact to us.

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